The Himalayas are that way

Day 4–July 7, 2009 (Frederick-Greenbrier State Park, 16.5 miles)

As I was leaving Frederick today, I passed someone, clearly surprised to see a woman walking through town with a backpack, who shouted out “the Himalayas are that way” and pointed in the direction from which I’d come. Fortunately I am not crossing such a formidable mountain range. Walking today was much easier than it has been thanks to a lighter backpack, but the Appalachians loomed ahead.

Halfway over the mountains between Frederick and Hagerstown I found myself walking up to the Orioles Club in Hawbottom. I had no idea what I was about to encounter. I spent the next several hours talking with Ed, John and Kathy at the bar. They each gave me their own advice on my trip and were all very nice and told me it was an impressive to walk across the country. I thought it was more impressive the way everyone in their little community seemed to take care of each other.

By Jennifer E. Cooper