A sh*#!y thing to do

Day 61–Sept. 2

Over the border in Surrey, British Columbia city leaders attempted a truly foul solution to the problem of homelessness. According to an article in the Surrey North Delta Leader, chicken manure was spread around a Whalley social service building on Aug. 14 in an attempt to drive away vagrants. A political relations nightmare ensued and by the following Monday the manure was cleaned up and lime spread to cover the odor.

Change.org’s  Shannon Moriarty perhaps said it best:

“To many, this bird dung story will be kind of funny, really nasty, or completely outraging. But to me, it’s just really sad.

Sad for the people who usually sat outside of those city buildings, most likely because they had nowhere else to sit. Now the whole world knows what city officials really think of them, perhaps even what they equate them to.”

I like to think that some good has come from such a horrible act of disrespect towards our fellow man. Yes manure was spread. But, when the situation was brought to the light of day, citizens were disgusted and demanded the injustice be righted.

– By Jennifer E. Cooper