Can you spare a dime?

A dime may seem like an insignificant amount of money but little things can add up to something important. Earlier this week someone picked up a dime off the ground and told me it could be my first donation. (And he kindly didn’t appear concerned that he couldn’t get a tax write-off for his generous contribution.) Initially I considered brushing aside the single dime. But, over time, a dime, joined by another and another, could be a significant sum. If I was given a dime for each mile in my nearly 3,000 mile trip, I would have $300. If someone could only spare a nickel for each mile, that would be $150. Though still not a large sum of money, for some people that could be the difference between making rent, paying utilities, and retaining dignity.

Rain, rain, rain

Was intending to walk 12 miles today but packed it in after just 6 when the skies opened up and unleased a severe thunderstorm. I actually didn’t mind the rain. It was nice to tromp along in a nice summer rain. It became a different story when the thunder and lightning started and it seemed unwise to continue. Of course this will not be an option for me once I am on route. And it is not an option when you don’t have anywhere dry to go. That said, there is being tough and there is being foolish.

First major day of training

Yesterday I walked 23 miles! A major accomplishment and the first day I realized I am actually going to walk across the United States. It was a psychological and a physical victory. Though I know it will certainly be a challenge, I couldn’t help but think of how exhausting it must be to spend day after day wondering where your will rest that night.